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Striving for Excellence

About A-Accurate Appliance

Over 70 years experience in Luxury Appliance Repair & Installation.

In 1945, this company was founded by my grandfather Ralph. He built this company with the best interest at heart for the customer. He insisted on offering high-quality appliance service with integrity, honesty, and fairness. For 40 years he proudly served his community, never losing focus on the commitment he made so many years ago.

In 1984, Ralph’s son Roger decided to make the same commitment to the great people of the Texas Panhandle only for the flame to be extinguished in 1988 when the oil boom went bust.

In 1993, through Roger’s hard work, dedication, and determination, the flame would once again be lit and has been burning bright for the last 25 years.

For the past quarter century, Roger continued the legacy left before him and has proudly served his community just as his father did. Today the torch is being passed to Roger’s youngest son Tim.

Though equipment, technology, and times have changed, one thing will always remain the same: we will faithfully continue to offer high-quality appliance service with integrity, honesty, and fairness to our community. We joyfully and humbly thank you for the last 70+ years of loyalty.

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How We Work

Our Installation Process

01. Pre-Site Inspection
We take time to get to know the customer, their concerns, and what is important to them, as well as communicate and verify job specifics with them such as needed gate codes, property access, point of contact, custom panel and handle options. We then assess the property for parking, unusual steps, or flights of stairs we would need to navigate during the installation.

Once completed, we verify the cutout dimensions are correct to help our customers save on unsightly costs if caught before installation begins.

02. Delivery & Installation
We ensure the safe delivery of each appliance to our customer’s residence if needed. We then work to unpack and verify the lack of defects or damage.

All items are handled with care, respect, and protection through the use of specialized dollies, furniture pads, and Teflon sliders.

03. Post-Install Inspection

After installing per manufacturers specifications, we go through a rigorous examination to ensure proper reveals have been achieved, all doors are properly aligned, controls are fully operational, and overall aesthetics are pleasing to the eye.

04. Product Overview

After the post-install inspection is completed, we offer a thorough explanation of the product’s use and care that will answer most of your questions about the features, operation, and maintenance of your appliance.

Removal of old appliances and packaging materials is then carried out as total job completion.

Services Offered

Factory Authorized Appliance Services

As a company that specializes in the installation and repair of an array of home appliances, we have built a stellar reputation for being one of the best in our industry. Located in Amarillo, TX, A-Accurate Appliance has been serving the Texas Panhandle for the past 7 decades. We provide professional appliance repair and installation for Luxury Brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove, as well as standard brands like KitchenAid and Whirlpool.
We offer factory-authorized appliance repair for most appliance brands. It is important to us to provide knowledge and high-quality repair to our customers and we do this with current training and technology through factory and support.
When it comes to the installation of your home appliances, it is important to incorporate a high level of care and commitment to ensure your appliance is installed according to factory requirements.
We only use genuine factory OEM parts made for your specific brand and model. Genuine OEM appliance parts coupled with Factory Authorized repairs guarantee your appliance warranty will remain intact and keep your appliances running as intended.